Creating a Brand Board for Your Blog

Creating a Brand Board for Your Blog

So if you’re here I figure it’s either because you want to start a blog or have started a blog and need to revamp it.  You are in the right place!  Even if you were just searching the internet for a branding board, this pots is still for you.

Branding is very important when it comes to your blog.  Whatever you may blog about, it’s a direct reflection of you.  It’s your writing style, your images and your look.  Wait, what?  Yes, your look is your brand along with everything in you blog.

Once you download the form , fill it out the best you can.  If you are still working on your branding, then sill it out as you go.  If you need to print another, print another.  Oh yeah, be sure to save it to your computer so you can reprint as you need to.


If you have Photoshop and can digitally add it to the form, then do that.  If you don’t, you can print out the form and your logo and glue your logo to the form.  Sounds old school, I know, but you gotta work with what you have!  If you’t have a logo yet or it’s just your name, then write that down (be sure to write down what font it is, if you know it)


You should know the following for each color in your brand palette.

RGB: used for monitors, tablets and TVs

CMYK: used for print

Hex#: used for web

Here is an example of what each set of numbers looks like.  This is a screen shot from Photoshop.


I type the name of the font in the font itself so, I know what I used and what it looks like.



This is for your notes or images you may have saved or pinned.


Revision date: This is so you know when you last updated or changed your look.

Here is your homework, go through your blog and make sure it is written in your voice. The way you speak.  This isn’t English class.  You need to write how you talk to be able to connect to your readers.  However, keep it classy.  Don’t write like a teen who is texting her friends.  “OMG, did she totes just say that?”  Yes, I did.  You can put your personal style but please keep in mind your grammar.  😉

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