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Mini Family Sessions



Are you ready for family photos?  Most families want family portraits right before the Holidays for Holiday cards.  However, you can take them any time during the year.  Being in the desert, I would not recommend wearing a sweater during July for a fall-looking session, but it can fun to have a summery photo to show your friends.  It will also make your card stand out from the rest on their wall or shelf.

If you prefer the fall look in the fall, we can do that also!



I offer sessions all year round, not just in the fall.  My style of taking photos is to capture the moments in between.  Those give the best photos.  I will guide you and give you suggestions on how to stand and pose, but it is where you take it that makes your photo.  I will take posed photos, however, my favorites (and my clients) tend to be the moments, I capture, between poses.


















Your session cost is based on your needs and what you want out of the session.
Please contact me for your personalized quote.

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