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Payment Terms


  1. You can make a payment via, cash, debit/credit in person, or online.
  2. If you are making a payment online, it will be processed through Stripe, a secure third party.  I never see your payment information.  It is not stored anywhere in my system.  If you need to change your payment information, you need to do so through the Stripe portal.
  3. You understand that this payment portal is for your convenience.  You are able to make a payment another way such as in person with a debit/credit card or cash.  If you choose cash, please be sure to bring the exact amount as I usually do not have change on me,
  4. Please be sure you are ready to send payment, once a payment through Stripe is made, it is immediately charged to your card.
  5. Only under extenuating circumstances are payments ever returned.  Any refunds are left up to the Studio’s discretion.  Any granted refunds by the Studio can take 7-14 business days to process before a refund will be issued.  Any approved refunds will be refunded the way it was paid
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